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a laced pleated bodice ruffle slit skirt chiffon bridesmaid dress

This Chiffon Dress Has A Gorgeous Lacey Cut-Away Bodice, Cinched At The Waist With a Pleated Sash Flowing Into A Gorgeous Full Ruffle Side Split Chiffon Skirt. At WED4LESS your bridesmaids can try on dresses in their style and own size, we have a choice of over 300 colours, we probably have exactly the colour you have been searching for! Why not order a swatch? See below for details.

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How it works:

Choose your favourite four colours from the full list of colours, click to add your swatch order to the basket, then put the codes of your four choices in the notes box. Simple! Your swatches will arrive on your doorstep within a few days. If you would like to order more just double up! If you prefer, you can email us at with your choices.



*Please note actual colour may vary slightly from the digital version.

Please note that swatches are currently taking up to two weeks to despatch.



Please Note: Our dresses are made to order. The standard delivery time for all online orders **Excluding swatch orders** can take up to 20 weeks from the date of ordering. (Please allow for this when ordering online). We offer a rush order service which reduces the lead time to 16 weeks or less from the date of ordering. Please select the (Rush order) option from the dropdown list if your wedding date falls between 17 – 20 weeks from the date of ordering. There will be a £20 per dress rush order charge applied. If your wedding date is under 16 weeks please get in touch with us on as we still may be able to process your order depending on the products you would like and agree a lead time.


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