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We’ve come a long way since our first store opened in Stockport UK in 2012 under the banner of The Wedding Dress & Prom Dress Factory Outlets, we’re up to 5 stores now, in Stockport, Burton upon Trent, Newcastle, West Bromwich, and Rotherham. By no means have we grown rapidly, we have opened a new store as and only when it felt just right, our latest store in Rotherham opening recently in July 2022.

This slower expansion has been for a reason, we wanted each and every store to be maximized to its full potential, full to the brim with the best selection of bridalwear, bridesmaid dresses, lots of amazing accessories, and also prom dresses. We didn’t want to open shops everywhere just for the sake of it, with little choice, weak offerings, and no identity, This isn’t what WED4LESS is about. It would have watered our whole ethos down and given the wrong impression. Instead, we have nurtured each store to its best version, which in turn has given our customers exactly what they are looking for; The best choice anywhere at the best prices anywhere, it’s that simple. This sums us up perfectly well. 

Ten years later we are now called WED4LESS OUTLETS having rebranded in 2018, with a much simpler more memorable name. Our sole aim has always been to give customers exactly what they are looking for, the biggest choice of affordable wedding dressesbridesmaid dresses and prom dresses, along with a fantastic customer service being at the heart of everything we do, plus a much more friendly and less stuffy approach to the whole wedding dress shopping experience. We’re very happy with our position now, we have worked hard to ensure that WED4LESS OUTLETS represents us well, and is rapidly becoming a big name to watch in the bridal industry .



We knew our trade inside out, which stemmed purely from the passion we have for it. A sheer love of gorgeous bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses was at the center of everything, this was the beginning of it all, and at the core of the business. Being able to source amazing styles for our brides is a real blessing, but we also wanted to ensure that our offerings were very affordable for everyone, this goes hand in hand with what WED4LESS OUTLETS would be known for. Breathtaking designs at unbelievably low prices. It worked.



The number one big difference is that we are able to offer our customers dresses to try on in their own size when they visit us (and lots of them!) You cannot do this anywhere else, nowhere has a bigger choice of gowns than us, fact., We offer from a size 6, right up to a size 32. This is our USP and the first and biggest difference. So many shops/ ‘outlets’ advertise they have this and that, and when you visit they don’t have half of what they say they have, Well, WED4LESS OUTLETS does, and lots of them! Because we have such a massive stock inventory, If you need a dress quickly you can take home your dress the same day, alternatively, if you prefer to order a brand-new dress we can do this too, the choice is our customer’s own. Lots of our brides prefer to order a new dress, one that has not been tried on by lots of people.

Last but not least, you can call in at a time to suit you, we’re all about stress-free shopping, and a relaxed no pressure environment. We’re all about making it easier for you, our customers. All of this is what makes us different from other bridal stores, we broke the wedding dress shopping mold when we arrived.


Of course, we know it’s not all about how much a dress costs, you are looking for the best most beautiful dress you can find too. You can spend thousands on a dress if you have the cash to splash, or get similar or the same with us for much less. We think we will have your dream dress. Our dresses are of amazing quality because we have years of purchasing experience, some of our dresses are made by the same factories that make the big brand named wedding dresses. We also have some of those big names on our rails too! If you’re looking for amazing quality, and great value at such an amazingly low price, then pop in and say hello!


Every single one of our dresses is chosen by us to qualify to be on our rails, we pay huge attention to fine detail and are very experienced in current trends, and our customers needs.  Every bride deserves to look superb on her wedding day. We discuss each style at length, and when we’re all happy only then does it make the grade! The icing on the cake for us is seeing our brides try these designs on and loving them! This is the best part, no question.



Prepare to be amazed, your first impression may be one of disbelief at the sheer amount of stock each of our outlets has, but don’t be daunted, be relaxed, enjoy every second, and lap up the attention. Our girls will look after you better than any other bridal store has. How do we know this? Because people tell us so, and our teams love what they do too, they will help you all they can. WED4LESS is one big family, we all communicate, were all friends, and it comes across on the shop floor, and in the experience that you have with us. Our stores are luxurious, inviting, and comfortable. You will be allowed to browse at leisure and try on as many dresses as you wish. Our fabulous private fitting rooms are huge, enough for you to be able to truly take in this momentous occasion with your family. This part of the build-up to your wedding is one of the highlights of planning your big day, and we intend to make it very special for you.




We are renowned for having the biggest selection of bridesmaid dresses anywhere, The reason is that we offer over 20 styles in over 300 colors! Not only this, but we also have each style in each of our outlets in every size (4-32)! We also have Junior Maids dresses for ages 6-14 years, all sizes of these are in store too. All of our junior styles are available in the same colors as your adult maids too, how great is that!  This way, you can truly see what your bridal party will look like on your big day. Nowhere else has this much choice anywhere! Pop in and have a look!


We have just celebrated our tenth birthday, and whilst we may have only 5 stores, these are in very accessible places in the UK to make it easy for you to visit us. StockportBurton upon TrentNewcastle upon Tyne, West Bromwich and Rotherham. We do have expansion plans in the pipeline, our next sites are already earmarked. We’re very happy to expand slowly but surely, knowing the years of experience we have just keeps on giving our brides the best of all that we have to offer. Going forward, we have lots of fantastic new ideas that we would like to implement into our current business model. We’re all about healthy progression for the benefit of our customers. Let’s see how the next ten years pan out at WED4LESS OUTLETS!


If you’ve enjoyed your exclusive look behind the scenes at WED4LESS click here to see a few of our styles, there are loads more in store! Find your nearest WED4LESS here to try on as many gowns as you wish. Also, for more in-depth knowledge, take a look aour Instagram or Facebook pages. 


WED4LESS OUTLETS ~ Open 7 days a week ~ hundreds more dresses in store!
WED4LESS OUTLETS ~ Open 7 days a week ~ hundreds more dresses in store!