My waist measures a size 16 and bust a 20, what size should I order?

We would recommend ordering a size 20 in this situation. Wedding dresses are much easier to take in than let out. If your order the 20 this will fit your bust correctly and be easier for a seamstress to take in on the waist. Similarly, if your waist is bigger than your bust, we would suggest going for a size that fits your waist and then having it taken in on the bust.

I am losing weight for the wedding, should I order the size I am aiming for?

We would always recommend ordering a dress that fits you now as it is so much easier to take a gown in than let it out. If of course, you are very confident that you will absolutely lose the weight, and at the end of the day the choice is yours, then it is your decision to order a smaller size. Ordering a size, you think you will be by the time of the wedding can be very pressurising on you and add to the stresses involved in organising a wedding. A seamstress will be able to take in your dress if required.

If I am between sizes from your size chart, which should I order?

If you are between sizes, we would always recommend the larger size, and if it does need taking in, we have a full list of amazing seamstresses who will be able to do this easily for you.

What Length Do Your Dresses Come In?

We are very proud to say that our dresses come in a good length, we see so many bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses that are ankle length. Nothing is worse than a short wedding dress or ankle-length bridesmaid dresses ( cheaply made dresses or ‘high street dresses’ anyone?) Whatever size heels you or your maids are wearing does not matter with our dresses, they generally accommodate all heights. Shortening of dresses is usually easier than you think! Wedding dresses are only shortened at the front and to the side seams if your dress has a train, with most having a removable hem, and our bridesmaid dresses have no trimming and so are very easy to shorten.
For any fittings with your seamstress, please ensure that you take your shoes with you to ensure the length is absolutely spot on for the big day!

Do your fabrics have any give in them?

Some do! Our wedding gowns are available in lots of different fabrics from stretchy crepe to organza or full lace. Our bridesmaid dresses are made from only the very best quality chiffon fabric, chiffon fabric has no give in it, so it is important to buy the correct size. If you have any doubts, hop on to Live Chat, and we will help all we can.

Our size charts and size recommender are available in the information of each product.


WED4LESS OUTLETS ~ Open 7 days a week ~ hundreds more dresses in store!
WED4LESS OUTLETS ~ Open 7 days a week ~ hundreds more dresses in store!