Fitting Your Theme to The Time of Year

Fitting Your Theme to The Time of Year

When you choose the time of year to have your wedding, there are numerous factors to consider, from venue availability through to which themes will suit the time of year that you select. Matching a theme to the season is easy when you know how but if you’re wondering where to start in planning your winter wedding theme or need some inspiration for your autumnal nuptials then these seasonal theme ideas should help:


Winter – You can’t really plan for there being snow (in the UK at least) but you can incorporate winter in lots of other stunning and creative ways. Winter is the perfect time of year for a white wedding, where as many details as possible are themed around the wintery white shades. The use of sparkling fairy lights, candles and crystal style chandeliers and centrepieces also draw on the frosty elements of winter.


Winter flower ideas include thistles coupled with roses, all white flowers such as Gardenia and Oriental Hybrid Lily and Phalaenopsis Orchid. Wedding cake themes in winter include all white tiered cakes decorated with some subtle greenery. Dresses that shimmer and sparkle are ideal for winter and tiara and veils with an element of sparkle will also finish the winter look off perfectly.


Spring – When you think about spring, you think about the colours that are just starting to flower and those colours are therefore popular for spring weddings. Pastel colours are very prominent in spring wedding themes, with pastel pinks and pale yellows fitting in with this time of year.


In terms of flowers, tulips and daffodils are the ultimate choices for spring but you have a great set of choices in spring including pinks, purples and light blues. A great way to add a hint of spring into your wedding outfit is to have a spring flowered headpiece.


Summer – If you opt for a summer wedding then hopefully you will get a great day with the weather and be able to utilise outdoors settings either for the whole event or just elements of it. If you are going al fresco then an Afternoon Tea themed wedding is idyllic for a warm summer’s day. Strawberries and other summer berries can feature in drinks as well as desserts, to add to the summery feel.


Festival themes are also becoming really popular and can be a good way to save on the cost of your wedding by utilising outdoor space instead of expensive venue hire. When it comes to flower colours, bold and bright colours are perfect for summer. If you are having an outdoor wedding then a longer dress isn’t very practical and softer, lighter materials like chiffon will suit the summer weather better.


Autumn – Colours associated with autumn include chocolate, orange and red. Whilst you may not want to incorporate those colours into your wedding outfits, bouquets with a rustic, autumn glow will look beautiful. Gold and rose gold feel very autumnal, so jewellery can be themed around that. Orange and brown leaf decorations provide a warm autumnal ambience, whilst you can theme catering and drinks around autumn with apple, cinnamon and even pumpkin. A roaring fire or candlelit fireplaces look stunning in autumn and fireworks can really emphasise the time of year well, whilst finishing your wedding day with a bit of a bang.


If you’d like some help in matching your wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses and accessories around the time of year then why not speak to a professional advisor at Wed4Less? Our friendly team will help you to select the ideal options to suit the time of year of your wedding.

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