2019’s Top Five Wedding Trends

2019’s Top Five Wedding Trends

If 2019 is the year of your big day, then you are probably already well into the planning process and are getting very excited about the new trends and styles that will be landing this year. Last year we saw some really interesting wedding concepts and styles such as relaxed wedding dresses and side-parted, hair-down hair styles. Of course, it is your wedding and you can choose whichever styles and themes that you want, but if you are looking to stay on-trend for 2019 then keep reading.


Top wedding trends arriving in 2019:


  1. Dress trends – Influenced by Meghan Markle and Pantone’s Colour of the Year


The choice of wedding dress is a decision that few people make easily. If you are particularly fashion-conscious then one of your main priorities will be to ensure that you look as stylish as possible on your wedding day. The Royal Wedding was big news last year and it is no surprise that Meghan’s style has influenced 2019 wedding dress trends, as people strive to replicate her look. The bridal tiara is making a big comeback, so order yours early to avoid disappointment!


Other dress trends for 2019 include oversized statement bows, sparkle and one huge newcomer is the jump from the traditional wedding dress to a bridal jumpsuit. One-shoulder dresses and designs featuring slanted hemlines are also going to be highly popular. Colour-wise last year’s Pantone’s colour of the year was ultra-violet and this year it is ‘Living Coral’ so dresses and décor are expected to be heavily influenced by this.


  1. Groomswear – The return of the three-piece suit


It is all change in the Groomswear styles this year with an emerging popularity of a mix-and-match look that combines different colours, patterns and materials together. For those grooms who feel more comfortable in a more traditional style, the three-piece suit is back and style icon David Beckham probably had a big part to play in this. His sleek designer outfit at the Royal Wedding drew huge attention and certainly showed the world how well a three-piece suit can be worn!


  1. Grazing tables


One of the most challenging elements of planning a wedding is deciding on catering arrangements. If you are inviting additional night-time guests then this adds to the complexity, as getting timings and other details right will have a big impact on how much people enjoy your wedding. Having hungry guests is one scenario that you want to avoid at all costs and that is why 2019 sees an increase in people arranging to have grazing tables at their wedding (and it should prevent that annoying uncle from getting too drunk!)


  1. Structural floral displays


This year it is highly anticipated that structural elements like golden/silver rods and wooden beams will be incorporated into wedding floral displays. Intricate centrepieces, comprising of pastel coloured flowers will be popular and of course, Pantone’s ‘Living Coral’, colour of the year, will be incorporated into floral choices.


  1. Eco-friendly weddings


In 2019 as a society we are trying to address many of the environmental issues such as plastics pollution and weddings will be influenced by this growing awareness that we need to do more to protect the environment. So, expect online invitations, reduced amounts of plastics and using locally sourced catering ingredients to be dominant in weddings in 2019.


2019 promises to be a very exciting year for those getting hitched, so now you know all of the top trends to look out for, you can get on with planning your dream wedding. Visit your nearest Wed4Less outlet to find the perfect, in-style wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses for your big day. We have a huge stock of the latest designer dresses with a range of styles and sizes to choose from.

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