10 Reasons to have a Destination Wedding

10 Reasons to have a Destination Wedding

When you’re deciding on your wedding location and venue, there are so many different things to think about including the cost, availability, capacity and facilities. Finding the venue that ticks all of the boxes can be a huge challenge in itself, before you even think about all of the other details like catering, flowers and décor etc.


If one of your priorities for your wedding is to have good weather that will enable you to have some great photos, then you have probably already been thinking about having your wedding abroad. To help you to make your mind up, here are 10 reasons to have a destination wedding:


  1. Better chance of nice weather


Even when you book a wedding in the summer months, the weather in the UK is totally unpredictable. As well as getting wet and windswept before you get to your wedding venue, bad weather can really dampen the mood.


  1. Stunning photo opportunities


Your wedding photos are usually the best mementos that you keep from your wedding, so having photos taken at beautiful locations will ensure you treasure the memories forever and can place your lovely photos around your home.


  1. Less guests


If you prefer a more intimate wedding with fewer guests then going abroad for your wedding is the perfect way to reduce numbers, with only family and close friends making the trip.


  1. Lower costs


Destination weddings vary greatly in costs, depending on what you want for your big day. However, many couples find that a wedding abroad can work out to be cheaper, as you’re paying for less guests at the venue and outdoor venues like on beaches can work out a lot cheaper than hiring a large venue in the UK. If guests pay for their own flights and accommodation, seeing it as a holiday then your costs can stay low.


  1. Sentimental attachment


If you have a favourite destination as a couple, or maybe you even met each other abroad then going back to that place for your wedding can add greater sentimental feeling to your wedding.


  1. Making it more memorable


A wedding in a different location is more memorable, particularly for your guests, than selecting a local venue. If you want a wedding that people will talk about for years to come, then a destination wedding should ensure that.


  1. No additional honeymoon costs


You can combine your wedding with your honeymoon so there is no need for the additional flights and other expenses to keep your costs down.


  1. Catering options


If you really love Italian food then you can get local catering in Italy for example, instead of trying to replicate the same idea in the UK. Having authentic, local cuisine will make your wedding that extra bit special, especially if the catering side is important to you.


  1. Avoiding tradition


Traditional weddings are perfect for some couples but not everybody wants to get married that way. If you want to do something a bit different, or more low-key then destination weddings are ideal.


  1. It lasts longer


A traditional wedding in the UK generally lasts for one day and night but if you are going abroad with your friends and family it can last a whole lot longer. Spend more time with your guests celebrating and you can even do stag/hen dos over there a few days before the wedding.


There are plenty of great reasons to get married abroad but one thing that sometimes stops people is the thought of travelling with their wedding dress or finding a dress that is suitable for wearing in warm weather. At Wed4Less we have a huge selection of designer wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses that will look stunning on the beach or that picturesque oasis in the sun.


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