Floris by Beaux Bridesmaids



MEET FLORIS A Stunning Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress by BEAUX BRIDESMAIDS for WED4LESS OUTLETS.
A super flattering bridesmaid dress with a pleated V neck bodice, beaded belt, and zip back. The chiffon box pleated flared skirt is so flattering and makes Floris a great choice for your bridesmaids. This dress is available in 350 different colours and in sizes 2-30. Colour shown – Dusky Pink
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Colour 12 Nude, Colour 74 Dusky Pink, Colour 231 Lilac, Colour 231 Pale Lilac, Colour 245 Cadbury Purple, Colour 287 Sea Mist, Colour 261 Royal Blue, Colour 92 Dusty Mauve, Colour 254 Aubergine, Colour 156 Red, Colour 166 Cornflower Blue, Colour 213 Teal, Colour 196 Peppermint, Colour 194 Sage Green, Colour 221 Bottle Green, Colour 114 Orange, Colour 104 Coral, Colour 285 Navy Blue, Colour 284 Grey, Colour 278 Silver, Colour 277 Ice Blue, Colour 44 Apple Green, Colour 59 Blush, Colour 48 Lemon, Colour 58 Baby Pink, Colour 132 Cerise, Colour 83 Plum, Colour 88 Taupe, Colour 165 Turqouise, Colour 71 Rose Gold, Colour 155 Burgundy, Any Other Colour Please Ask

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